“It was quite funny because it took me about four hours to be brave and gather the courage to walk to the first person!” she laughs. But eventually, she did and handed the simple, brown notebook and a pen to a woman in the front economy seat."
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“Then there was a guy flying to San Francisco to ask his girlfriend to marry him and then you got this chain of cheering in the following stories. It was strange how incredibly quickly you can establish a sense of friendship and community if you go into a situation with complete curiosity.”
"I am traveling to San Francisco en route to New Zealand. The reason for my trip which I have now done twice in a month is because when I visited last time I fell in love. All very cheesy but I am now moving to the other side of the world to start my life with a very funny Kiwi. "
"2 days after getting married, I am sat on this plane for our honeymoon (a 3 week West Coast adventure!). To seat 59A, good luck with the proposal, I hope she says yes! "
"If I could have any super power, it would be to liberate people's consciousness by simply looking at them. And one by one, soul to soul, through gazing into the eyes... humanity would awaken from the deep slumber of samsara. The best part of this power, in that it would be transferred upon awakening! So everyone who was awake, could also cause others to wake up through eye contact. "
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