Violet Hum - Music Video for the Arthur Brothers, due to be released in 2019. 
Director: Tribambuka (Anastasia Beltyukova)
Animator: Tribambuka (Anastasia Beltyukova)
Camera: Boris Vajda
Choreography: Kirill Burlov
Mentors: Litza Jantz and John Horabin (CityLit)
The song “Violet Hum” is probably the most eccentric track on the Arthur Brothers’ upcoming debut album. It is quite a collage of styles and states of mind, so it was a great chance for me as a director and animation artist to mix different techniques and to try out different styles. The brothers are thrown into different realms, from whimsical worlds of giant goddesses or a police state residing on a back of a grumpy fish to messy abstract subconscious states of mind, where chaos and cosmos collide. And it’s not really clear if they are actually travelling, or is it a desired and feared adventure of the discovery of self, or they are just trapped in some bardo or limbo. There’s a trickster distracting or guiding them, there’s a wizard overseeing their journey, there’s dangers and temptations on the way, and it’s not even clear what kind of treasure they are looking for - they just answer their inner call and see where the journey takes them.

Awards and screenings:
Best Music Video:
- Feel The Reel International Film Festival 2018
- ReAnima 2018, Norway
Best Video Clip:
- San Jose International Film Awards 2018
Honorable Mention:
- Hollywood Independent Filmmakers Awards and Festival 2018
Official Selection:
- Rome Independent Prisma Films Awards 2018
- Short To The Point 2018
- Moscow Shorts International Film Festival July 2018
- London Shorts Series Festival

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