If you’re a barber with a sense of adventure, the US Antarctic research center McMurdo Station is currently looking for an on-site hairstylist.
Big cat caretaker
For people who want to spend time taking care of big cats, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Arcansas offers a six-month Exotic Cat Internship for 12 candidates twice a year.
Elves wanted
Santa Claus village in Lapland hires extra elves to work at its post office.
What shall we do with the hungry sailors?
The Royal Navy of the United Kingdom is looking for a hard-working, adventure loving submarine chef with a good sense of humour. Although it requires "no specific qualifications," it's an important position for keeping morale high among the crew. "The truth is, for a submarine crew, meals will be something to look forward to and at the very core of your vessel's well-being," says the Royal Navy.
Good physical and metal stamina are valued higher than the ability to cook -- in fact, the requirements makes no mention of cooking experience other than having a passion for food.
Lighthouse keeper
Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service offers a range of volunteer caretaker programs, including a three-month stint as a lighthouse-keeper on the usually uninhabited Deal Island. Some candidates prefer the winter months, when they don’t have to meet anyone.
Director of Toughness
Outdoor gear brand Columbia is hiring two “directors of toughness” who can “test gear in the most unforgiving conditions on Planet Earth and then tell the world about it.” Interviews will be held in tough-to-reach locations around the world.
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