Logo design, identity, design of the book and the HURWUNDEKI illustration.
“East London Mornings” is the Art Guide to the Best Breakfast Spots in East London. We’ve been running this project in collaboration with Katya Katkova since May 2011, when we’ve collected local artists to create illustrations for our favourite small coffee shops in Hackney. The works were exhibited for couple of moths at the Mouse&De Lotz Café. But a lot more artists became interested, and a lot more places appeared, so we’ve decided to create a small guide book. A few talented poets accompanied the illustrations with their beautiful poetry, and somehow this project has united a lot of things we love about East London: nice warm ambiance of hidden independent coffee shops and inspiration from their creative habitues. This is first limited edition of the book. Now Katya's East London Mornings became a famous blog, check it out!
Other illustrations by: 
Besheer Abbaro (cover of the book)
Jonathan Chadwick
Emily Wallis
Stuart Kinlough
Kate Ellis
Rosalind Maroney
Jane Smith
Simon Fitzmaurice
Andy Potts
Veronica Wood
Alison Porter
Donough O’Malley
Eleonora Kolicheva
Poetry by:
John Bedwell
Sunshine Faggio
Rebecca Valentine
Julija Gulbinovic

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